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Mobile Recording Studio

Our offering is simple, but useful and professional.

We provide a mobile recording studio. As the name suggests, we are mobile and can therefore travel almost anywhere, and recording almost anywhere. The basics of our equipment are transported with us in order to do the recording session, and then all the data is brought back to our studio for the editing, mixing and mastering to take place.

This way, you have the convenience of recording at your band rehearsal room, at a live gig, or any other scenario. We are most suited to bands, soloists, duo's and trio's. Additionally, we can come to Open Mike Nights, and provide recordings there and then of any performers. We don't charge a fortune for our work, but aim to provide a high quality recording for you.

One of the biggest advantages we can offer compared to many others, is that we can record multiple instruments at the same time, each on their own track to provide the most convenient audio editing and mixing when returning to the studio. We can then apply individual effects to individual tracks without affecting any other. As is the case most often with bands, you like to play together and you're at your best when you all play together. We know this, and that's why we feel this ability is the ultimate recording solution for your band.

These can be to help you publicise yourself on your website, gifts to family and friends, or a variety of other uses. Whatever you're requirement, if you'd rather the studio comes to you, then contact us.

Check out the Audio Clips page to listen to recordings we have achieved previously.


Our mobile recording system consists of:
- Windows 8 64-bit PC (Intel i7, 16GB RAM, 2xSSD + 4 x 1TB HDD's)
- Multi-Channel Tascam Recording Interface
- Steinberg Cubase 5
- Steinberg Wavelab 6
- Massive library of Plug-in Effects, VST's and VSTi's
- Shure, Senheiser and Rode Microphones
- more hardware, software, equipment and tools back at our base to aid mixing and mastering.

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