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PA & Lighting Hire
PA Hire

We work in the industry, not just as recording engineers, but as musicians and singers, in rock bands and function bands etc. We know how important it is to have a decent PA System. We are not offering the world, and mega-expensive systems - just quality systems that serve a purpose - and best of all, at a reasonable price.

The typical PA System we use is suitable for:
- Solo Singers, Duo's and Trio's
- Bands
- Open Mike Nights
- Voice Amplification System
- and much more

We don't exaggerate our PA Systems, and don't false advertise. We are specifically aimed towards small to medium functions/ events for up to 300 people.

The PA System would typically include:
- 1800w FOH Mackie Speakers
- Tascam, Behringer, Mackie Mixer
- Mixture of external effects and processors
- Shure and Senheiser Microphones
- Ability to record live performances

Obviously, as each person's requirement is different, we will provide what we feel would be suitable for your event. This could be as basic as just two speakers and a microphone if need be, or more complicated including a full range PA, up to 32-Channel Mixer, microphones/DI for all equipment, on-stage monitor fold back, plus more. We have many friends in this industry, and can therefore usually supply anything bigger than our current equipment collection.

Unless it's the basic systems, we do not dry hire equipment, and therefore you will be hiring a sound engineer who will set-up and control the PA System themselves. Contact us to discuss your requirements further, and see if we can help you.

Lighting Hire

Our lighting hire would typically go hand in hand with the PA Hire, but we don't want you to think that if you're hiring the PA then you are also paying for lights which you don't need. Our lighting is pretty simple. Many bands, singers etc. will have their own PA, but not have any lighting at all, and many don't need any lighting. However, there may come a time when you do an event where you do require lighting of some sort.

We typically provide stage lighting, for singers and bands, along with Disco lighting to add effects, and help fill the dance floor with light too. Smoke and Haze effects are also available. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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